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About Us

What is ZippyJot?
ZippyJot is the free online notepad solution to all your note-taking needs. Easy to use and handy to have, it boasts a number of smart features that will impress even the most loyal pen-and-paper fans! It's a cloud-based alternative to your laptop's basic text editor - and you don't even need to sign up or log in to use it.
How Will ZippyJot Help Me?
ZippyJot is about more than just jotting down your thoughts and ideas; it's a clever way of boosting your productivity and focus! With all your notes and lists in one place, your workload will be streamlined and easier to handle.
ZippyJot is simple in style but sophisticated in its performance. The notepad's clean interface belies its intelligent features and exceptional functionality. Your notes will be backed up into accessible files by our server so you can retrieve them when you need to.
When using the ZippyJot online notepad, you can
- Use the Auto Save feature; it saves text as you type to keep your important notes safe
- Edit and Delete your notes to switch up and scrub out text as your ideas develop
- Search and Sort notes by date and title for next-level organization and speedy retrieval
- Create an optional FREE account for added peace of mind that your notes won't disappear
Creating an account takes mere minutes and allows you to log in and access your notes from any device, anytime, anywhere. When logged in, you can also make your notes private for added security.
Why Do I Need ZippyJot?
Note-taking, list-making, saving, and searching eat up your precious time. Doing so on paper or on your computer's built-in notepad comes with risks too - of your notes getting lost or permanently deleted. ZippyJot free online notepad is a secure, simple solution and a smarter way to work.
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